Midway Church helps people live fully for God. It is our sincere goal to demonstrate a love for people. We seek to provide great resources for individuals and families to flourish in their relationship with God. I love Midway’s lively dedication to the Great Commission and our central focus on making disciples of Jesus Christ. Most of us are involved, one way or another in taking the Gospel into all the world. To do that, we focus on CONNECTING with God and each other within our vital group ministries. In those smaller settings, we seek to GROW together through prayer, fellowship, and the study of God’s Word. Then we practice SERVING God and one another through the ministries in the Church. Our ultimate goal is to GO, by planting churches and sending individuals into the Mission field.

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I am fascinated by the manifold grace of God at work in the lives of our people.

I am exceedingly grateful that I get to SERVE Midway as the Community Care Pastor and they help me GO into Prisons to Preach the Gospel.

The Denton Freedom House

Why I volunteer and encourage partnering with the Denton Freedom House.

Jeremy and Karen Adams
and three of their boys

God has used founders Jeremy and Karen Adams to establish a home that helps men overcome their addictive and destructive behaviors. The primary reason that people fall into such bondage is sin, which is the rejection of God’s good and rightful authority in our lives. Without God, people indulge in all manner of unhealthy and destructive behaviors. Without intervention, those iniquities worsen and the hurts and consequences experienced by family, spouses, and children mount. But none of these people are forgotten. God loves them and pursues them.

At Denton Freedom House, we lead men and women to the Cross where they freely surrender their lives to Jesus Christ. The leaders and volunteers patiently guide those men and women to personal obedience to His teachings. Life change comes by the power of the Holy Spirit working within the individual. House rules are reasonable and helpful. This is God’s way. Some may think it is impossible for people to change but Jesus’ words are true, “with God all things are possible.” We see God do what is impossible with men every day. I love the Denton Freedom House because they believe the Word of God, practice the Love of God and foster the Grace of God.

Handling drug and alcohol addictions is one of the greatest challenges we face. Most people do not have the patience, the experience, the time, or resources to help. If you have such an addiction or know someone who does, believe God now, pray for them and perhaps contact the Denton Freedom House.

Please visit their Web Site and pray how you might help partner with us to meet this colossal and growing need in our society.