About Us


To help incarcerated/formerly incarcerated people overcome the reproach of their anger through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In turn this reduces recidivism, fosters reunification with loved ones and emotionally and spiritually prepares individuals for life after incarceration.

I am Pastor George Quin, author of the book Taking Anger Seriously. In 2019, the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) Rehabilitative Programs Division in Huntsville approved the Gospel-Centered curriculum to be taught “as is” beyond the faith-based dorms. Now Prison Chaplains are urging us to provide the Video Series and we are obliging.

Nancy and I uphold the Conservative Evangelical Doctrines of the Bible. We believe in the Divine inspiration of scripture and think the Bible is the “First Wonder of the World,” for many reasons. Primarily, it alone reveals the unconditional love and elite plan of the redemption of mankind through the cross of Jesus Christ, God’s only begotten Son. Nancy and I share a mutual devotion to the Word of God. It is the fire in our bellies.

Nancy and I work out of our home and connect with Prison Chaplains and Volunteers throughout the country. We print hundreds of workbooks at our church and prepare the books, workbooks, and certificates for each visit. We then travel to prisons, lodging in hotels, and teaching the course. We spend a significant amount of our time in prison dorms, gyms, and chapels, face to face with Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) Inmates. This work is exceedingly rewarding. It is a frontline ministry that touches the hearts of the incarcerated.