Nancy and I want to ensure our labors have a lasting impact. Therefore, in addition to my standard job accountability to Midway Executive Pastor Todd Witte, we have established an Accountability Board to safeguard our ministry. This board will complement our Church Elders who facilitate the 501c3 requirement of a Board of Directors.

The Accountability Board is a select group of reputable men and women of good conscience and experience. They are people of proven Godly character in which we have obligated ourselves to their counsel. We meet two to three times a year and communicate all other consequential matters by email or phone. They monitor our schedules, decision making, and finances. They are there to check our blindside, but also look us in the eye and challenge us to be better.

This Board is a body of counsel for all major decisions, especially in regard to the disbursement of donated funds. We submit all records of our support funds and expenditures to ensure we remain above reproach and conduct our finances in a way that glorifies God. We owe this to our supporters.

Please meet our Accountability Board Members:

Glenn T. Howard is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) by the State of Texas since 1993. He has provided a full-time private practice of individual and couples counseling since July 2007 and continues currently in three office locations at Pilot Point/Aubrey, Decatur, and Denton, Texas. Prior to transitioning to private practice, Glenn has also been a senior pastor of four Texas Baptist churches across twenty-four years. He is uniquely equipped in providing spiritually integrated counseling and psychotherapy. Glenn was also a certified member of the American Association of Pastoral Counselors for 19 years. He is a member of the International Association of EMDR (

Glenn has a tenured history of compassionate ministry. As a Counselor, he understands the human struggle with anger. It is a privilege to have his experienced input in our teaching materials and his oversight in our ministry. He is a worthy safeguard and I am excited to glean from his valued perspective.

Ken Willingham is currently the CFO and Chairman of the Board of Denton Freedom House, a faith-based organization helping people overcome drug and alcohol addiction through the power of faith in Jesus Christ. Ken joined Denton Freedom House shortly after retiring from Raytheon Corporation as the Missile Systems Supply Chain Lead Six Sigma Expert working with suppliers to improve their manufacturing processes and reducing costs. Ken holds a B.S. in Business and Finance and an M.S. in engineering technology.

Nancy and I have known Ken and Nancy Willingham for 18 years. It is notable that Ken and Nancy have faithfully served our elderly for eight years at the monthly Ice-Cream Social at Countryside Nursing Home in Pilot Point, Texas.

Ken is a dear and long-time friend. His leadership strengths are extraordinary, yet he humbly pours his wisdom into the lives of broken men. Ken is very wise and practical, and I can always trust him to speak candidly with sound judgment.

Neil Blais is a husband and father and has spent a lifetime working to make communities across the nation a better place to live. He is currently Mayor Pro Tempore for the town of Little Elm, Texas. He helped found the City of Rancho Santa Margarita, California, and served as Mayor and Council Member from 2000 – 2010. As President and CEO of B&A Professional Grant Consulting from 2000 to 2020, his company won over $700 million in municipal grants to improve transportation, wastewater, drinking water, parks, libraries, and social services. Prior to joining B&A, Neil worked for ABS Consulting where he worked with FEMA in the development of the national flood damage loss estimation tool HAZUS-MH and was considered a national expert on hazard mitigation and community resilience.

Neil serves as an elder at Midway Church (Aubrey, Texas) and prior to that served as an elder at Stonecreek Christian Church (Rancho Santa Margarita, California). He has a Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering and is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Theology at Dallas Theological Seminary.

Neil is genuinely humble, gentle, and kind. He has always enjoyed weaving Christian values into public policy. I have gleaned from his unique perspective and Christ-like temperament.

Destin Blais is a wife and mother and has a BS in accountancy. She founded B&A Professional Grant Consulting in 2000 personally writing 115 grant proposals winning $124 million from federal, state, and regional grant programs. She also managed funds post-award, ensuring compliance with complex federal and state laws and regulations. She spent eight years serving in Children’s Ministry programs developing Sunday School curriculums for 1st through 6th-grade children at Midway Church and Stonecreek Christian Church. She and Neil are transitioning B&A Professional Grant Consulting to new ownership thus enabling them to pursue interests more freely in the political arena and the local church.

Destin’s desire is to continue using her writing gift to encourage others and point them to Jesus Christ.

It is important for me to have godly women on this board. Destin’s perspective will undoubtedly challenge my blindside and provide supportive counsel to Nancy.

Kurt and Tammy Fister

Kurt Fister is a husband and father. He has 37 years of experience in sales with an extensive career in International Sales and Marketing and nine years as a Radio Shack Senior Executive, producing exponential profits through retail and e-commerce sales.

He presently serves as Vice president of Sales for Market Solutions INC. Dallas/Fort Worth, TX and is the owner of Halo-C Sales and Marketing. Most importantly Kurt has a tenured reputation of high moral integrity.

Tammy Fister is a wife and mother with 34 extraordinary years in IT Executive Leadership: CIO and Vice President of Qwest / US West (Denver, CO) 1978-2002; CIO and Vice President of XO Communications (Plano, TX) 2002-2012.

Tammy presently serves as Senior Program Director – NextGen for Worldwide Express (Dallas, TX) directing a company-wide, strategic Digital Transformation project.

It is no small service to our Lord that Kurt and Tammy have maintained a monthly Ice-Cream Social at Countryside Nursing Home in Pilot Point TX for 8 years.

Nancy and I have known Kurt and Tammy for 11 years. They are unwavering in conscience and are lovingly committed to their families and church. Nancy and I are proud to have such humble and exemplary individuals to oversee our work.

Chad Eskew surrendered his life to Christ in The Tarrant County Jail on November 18, 2014. He then entered the Denton Freedom House where he walked the path of addiction recovery and experienced full restoration with his family. In April of 2018 Chad married his beautiful wife, Rachel. They now serve together at the Denton Freedom House.
Chad has grown into a model leader serving others with upmost grace and integrity. He is the Director of Development and Growth and leads DFH Community Relations. He oversees new donor acquisitions and retention, fundraising and event planning. Chad’s presence and leadership in the everyday business of the home is one of the reasons for the health and success of the Denton Freedom House. He provides our Board with the valued input of a highly respected and proven overcomer.

Jimmie Exline earned his Bachelor of Science in Music Education and Masters of Science in Music Education from Texas Tech University. He was a band director for 25 years and spent 30+ years as a High School Marching Band drill writer. After several years in Environmental, Health and Safety at Texas Tech University, he now works as a Global Hazardous and Regulated Chemical Compliance Specialist for Fastenal.
In Ministry, Jimmie has served in Church Finance and men’s Discipleship. He leads Midway Church Recovery in Pilot Point and shares the teaching duty in the Unshackled Men’s Group (previously incarcerated men) at Denton Bible Church. Jimmie loves Jesus and happily gives his life helping people overcome their addictions for a better future. He passionately leads others to a high standard of integrity and kindness that he personally demonstrates. As an educator Jimmie has proven his value. His development of the Taking Anger Seriously workbook and Chapter tests have made him fully knowledgeable of our ministry. His expertise in the Twelve Steps and his loving efforts in the lives of broken people qualify him as an excellent advisor on our Board.