Taking Anger Seriously Timeline

Nancy and I are called, equipped, and established in this ministry. The course we teach is well seasoned. The demand is great and expectations are high but we cannot fulfill our vision without the support of others. TDCJ provides no financial contribution to our volunteer services.

We are seeking supporters to supply our projected annual budget of $89,000. This will fund our salaries and prison trips throughout the year. Please consider partnering with us financially. Your generosity is deeply appreciated.

Budget items:

  • Annual projected combined salary for Nancy and George ($60,000)
  • The Job description includes scheduling, printing, ordering, mailing, correspondence, bookkeeping, traveling, teaching, training, and documentation.
  • Annual projected need for books and workbooks is ($21,000)
  • (1200 books and 3000 workbooks cost approximately $5.00 ea)
  • Annual projected Hotel cost. 50 additional nights at $90 per night ($4,500)
  • Annual projected travel cost at .575 per mile. The average of 500 miles per roundtrip is $290 per trip. ($3,500)
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